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For your future in pigeon racing.
A healthy loft for both man and pigeon.

Why is the Euro ventilation system so essential?

Placed over the entire length of the loft, our Euro ventilation system optimizes the circulation of air. As a result, your pigeons will enjoy a high oxygen content 24 hours a day. There is a constant supply of fresh air while, at the same time, the pigeon stay out of the draught, even at night when they are resting. Since stagnant air takes up little oxygen, it should constantly be set in motion. The system is recommendable for your own health as well. As more and more people suffer from poor health due to dust, for example, there is every reason to make your loft dust-free. Fitted with a five-level control button, our super Euro ventilation system removes approximately 85% of the dust. Therefore, this Euro ventilation system is essential for both your own health and that of your pigeons. Naturally, your health is worth more than the price of a good ventilation system.

These are the indisputable advantage:

Centrifugalmotor - five-mark control button - 4 meter (160 inch) vent pipe - calculated per loft - motor guard.

Total amount (delivery not included):            €  760,50
Additional pipe per running meter (40 inch): €    44,00

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